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“Oleg Prodeus strikes out big with his album “The 13” and it is indeed a big album. As big as the whole eighties going into the nineties European rock scene, in fact. By now you will be expecting a trip down retro lane and you won’t be disappointed. However, the key thing to remember here is that Oleg Prodeus has captured that sense of scale, that relentless march of the technology army into the world of music that so defined that period of time perfectly.”

- Bluesbunny, Bluesbunny Music Reviews – read full review

“It is this voice, and his knack for penning vivid melodies and highly refined pop choruses, that makes almost every track on The 13 worthy of considerable praise. Oleg Prodeus has the “It” factor, and has it as far as the ear can hear. The 13 will probably be the best pop album I hear this year, and whether or not that remains true, will strongly be considered as one of the 5 or 10 best records
I’ll hear in 2012.”

- Kevin Sellers, Music Emissions – read full review

“I find it hard to exclude images when talking about Oleg’s work on this album. It is so absolutely clear that this artist’s creative juices work at 360° degrees, that I am certain he writes his music with the pictures already elaborated and freeze-framed in his brilliant mind. Oleg Prodeus has produced a modern-day pop masterpiece. This 13-track album has everything. Catchy songs, profound lyrics, creative musical arrangements, essential vocal harmonies… …and then it has Oleg Prodeus. A multi-talented genius who manipulates sounds and images with immense passion and ease.”

- Peter Burns, Review Indie Magazine – read full review

“Mother” is a great industrial/pop track with some inventive production and emotionally charged vocals. The chorus vocals show
Oleg’s extraordinary range. This is a standout track. “Do You Know The Way” is another radio-ready hit, with an engaging verse
and very infectious chorus. Overall, “The 13″ is a stellar album from a alternative/rock/industrial artist I hope to hear more from
in 2012. Highly recommended for fans of Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Ours, Muse, and Sneaker Pimps.”

- James Moore, Independet Music Promotions – read full review

“All in all, I can’t say enough words of admiration of Oleg Prodeus’ vocals, because they are relentlessly and uncompromisingly honest. The release, in its anatomy, is fruitfully fixated on the compositional technique to entertain your receptors with exigent verse structures and highly adept chorus/hook work : no exception. I like the methods the disc is utilizing : notice the organic connections between verses and choruses throughout the songs. This music is exquisite, tasteful poison with a special scent to it.
Highly recommended.”

- Zoltan Gyalog, Noise Shaft – read full review

“Oleg Prodeus continually innovates and inspires on The 13; this dense and diverse album works at a variety of levels. While individual tracks showcase Prodeus’ songwriting and arrangement capacities, I believe the album enjoys a cohesion that few titles ever reach.
“Do You Know The Way” is perhaps the catchiest track on The 13, and will immediately impact listeners through emotional outpourings and soaring arrangements. I believe it will only be a matter of time before he gets the fame he deserves in the United States.”

- James McQuiston, Neufutur Magazine – read full review

“Although the album sits in the alternative pop/rock genre, it goes far deeper than that. It oozes class and depth, and so it should as
it took the multi-instrumentalist Oleg three intensive years to complete. Every track is highly listenable, at times featuring unexpected arrangements and melodies. “The 13″ is diverse in richness, yet fits together perfectly. There are elements of good pop, of eighties and nineties influences, electronic and acoustic, and great vocal presence. This is definitely an album worth exploring.”

- Andy Merrett, Piano and Synth Magazine – read full review

“Once, you’ve heard “Mother,” it makes you crave more. When you get to “Crash,” Oleg gives you just that. In “Crash,” the song is more or less about waiting for the life altering “crash”. As we wait for everyday things we normally take advantage of, we aren’t prepared for the inevitable “crash” that lies ahead, the kind of crash that changes people, the kind of crash that makes you wish you had done something differently, a crash that you better be prepared for at all times.
Overall, the entire album seemly is a perfect fit for a motion picture soundtrack for a vampire movie, songs like this fit every possible scene. Perhaps Oleg has a film somewhere up his sleeves and the album is a precursor to this realization.”

- Mikey Jayy, All Indie Magazine – read full review

“The album “The 13″ is full of passion as Oleg pours his heart into “Can You Feel The Rain” and “You’re Running Away.”
The overall songwriting is great with spots of brilliance ( “Return to Begin”).”

- J.Pasinski, JP’S Music Blog – read full review